• Ernie's birthday 016 new toy

    You won’t get away from me that easy

    Ernie can not put this toy down, even during naps. Manufactured by West Paw Design and constructed of durable Zogoflex material that is designed to be tough as well as recyclable, the Bümi tug toy is great for games of tug-o-war as well as a good ole fashioned chew session. It’s held up to his [...]

  • ernie's birthday 020 new toy

    Gotta find a safe spot for this one!

    Are you looking at my toy? I hope you aren’t looking at my toy.

  • DSC_0159

    I have a toy!

    Meet the Romp-n-Roll from Horsemen’s Pride. This toy has quickly become a favorite. It has suffered some punctures, but the ball is holding up remarkably well. Still floats, still holds it’s shape, still holds Ernie’s interest. Verdict: Tough Bully Toys Stamp of Approval!

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ears up ernie

Hot Trend for Fall

Today’s look – ears up (it’s the hot trend for fall).